Metamask Setup

Steps for Metamask Setup:

This page will provide instructions for setting up Metamask.

  1. First, install the extension for your specific browser ( Chrome, Firefox )

Chrome Link:

2. After the extension has been installed, click Get Started

3. Choose the Yes, let’s get set up! option and click Create a Wallet

4. Agree to the terms and then enter a password. When finished, click Create

5. Click the box with a padlock to reveal your secret phrase. Copy the secret words somewhere safe, you will need to select them in the correct order on the next screen.

6. Select each word of your secret phrase in the correct order and click Confirm.

7. You should get a Congratulations message. If so, click All done

8. You should now be at the Metamask dashboard.

Metamask dashboard

9. Click Ethereum Mainnet and select Show/Hide test networks

10. Toggle the Show test networks button to ON

MetaMask is installed now and is ready to use, be sure to save the backup for your secret key for any future recovery.

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